March Newsletter

2 March 2022

Dear Members,

It is time to re-launch our Club's full activities in good spirits. Spring luncheons and events are very welcome!

Our previous meeting on the 8th of February was held virtually. The guest speaker for this online meeting was Joel Harkimo. He recounted his sailings across the Atlantic in an interesting and enthusiastic way. The participants seemed to enjoy the talk and there were plenty of questions and comments for Jolle. I still get a cold shiver when thinking about swimming in the middle of Atlantic when there are miles of water below.

We have received feedback that we should invite more of our own members as guest speakers at our luncheons. I think that is a very good idea. What would be a better date than the 8th of March, the International Women´s Day which is our next Luncheon. I am pleased that Raquel Martins said yes when I asked her to be our Guest Speaker. Raquel describes herself with the words “international” and “multi citizenship”. I would like to add the word “cosmopolitan” into the list as well. You are warmly welcome to the Hotel Kalastajatorppa on the 8th of March at 11:30.

It has been a very snowy winter and there is still plenty of snow work to be done, but a feeling of spring is in the air. I greet it with joy. Spring is also the time for exhibitions and various events. Please join our activities and events that are available for you. You will find more detailed information and registration links in our website.

I hope to see you soon,

Leena Harkimo
IWCH President