May 2020 Newsletter

1 May 2020

Dear IWCH Member,

The 2019-2020 activity year has been unique in many ways.  First, we started the year with new by-laws voted into effect at the Annual General Meeting on 14 May 2019.  Also at the AGM, we presented three highlights of the Plan of Activity for the club year 1 July 2019-30 June 2020: 

  • a trip to Estonia in September 2019
  • the digitalization project
  • the creation of a survey to better understand the interests of the club members’ tastes and expectations

The three highlights have been executed and as a result

  • we strengthened friendships and created new memories on our trip to Estonia
  • we have a new logo, external website and a members only online community platform
  • we collected valuable information through the survey which has informed our plans for the next year

In addition to meeting these three objectives, we had  a stellar line up of luncheon speakers on the theme “International Women shaping Finland and the lessons they have learned in their journey”.  Each speaker left us with gifts of insight, inspiration and renewed energy.  We shared and enjoyed together many activities.  Then on 14 March, you received a sad special announcement about the cancellation of all activities for the remainder of the activity year.  Since then, we have only been talking to each other via telephone or computer.  For the first time in the history of the club, we will have the Annual General Meeting virtually.  While this is not how I envisioned the last months as President, they have been a good test to the strength of the bonds and friendships in the club and our ability to step up in challenging situations. 

It is my time to say good-bye in the role of President and to thank all the people who have supported and contributed along the way.

  • Thank you Leena Saastamoinen, Raili Laitinen, Linda Unhola, Sari Lindbom and Eva Johansson for your support, advise, help, wise words and/or cheering me along the way.  Your emails, calls, or chats were very important for me!
  • Thank you Board 2019-2020 for all the important work you do for our members. 
  • Thank you Adriana Godoy, Ulla-Riikka Lappalainen, and Hanna Oksanen of the Digitalization Team for taking this project to completion. 
  • Thank you Activity Group coordinators for organizing and running activities that are essential to the purpose of our club.
  • Thank you dear club members for your emails, calls, and feedback during these two years. 
  • Thank you all for contributing to renewing the by-laws, bringing to life our online platform, sharing your opinions and insight through the survey and for participating in the events and activities that made 2019-2020 a special year.

I close this newsletter with two announcements:

  • The IWCH golf tournament is postponed to the Autumn, 2020.  The IWCH golf tournament will be held for the 28th time in the Autumn, 2020. The date and place will be announced later. The tournament is open to all IWCH golfers, regardless of their HCP, although HCP will be taken into account for the scoring. The winner will receive the historic IWCH Golf Cup, which will remain in her hands until next year’s tournament. All IWCH golfers are very welcome!
  • Using your preferences stated in the survey, the Hostess Group has prepared the plan below.  The Board has approved the plan and we encourage all of you to please “save the dates”.  This plan for the monthly gatherings September-December 2020 takes into account your strong voices to have a morning as well as an evening event while keeping our traditional fashion show at Hotel Kämp.  Please note that the plan and its details are subject to change, particularly due to the uncertainty in the hospitality industry due to the pandemic. 

We will be together again! 

Thank you all for the opportunity to lead the club in support of our purpose. 

Warm Regards,

Laura Vargas