”Routanaisia” Women’s Kagal- Resistance movement under the period of Russian oppression - 31.1.23

1 January 2023

Let's visit this exhibition that takes you back to the events and moods of more than a hundred years ago. When Russia's unification efforts threatened Finland, an opportunity opened up for women to act and at the same time redefining their place in society.

  • The Date: 31.1.2023
  • Time&duration: 11.00-12.00 am
  • Venue with complete address: Ludviginkatu 2-4, 00130 Helsinki
  • Maximum capacity of the event: 25 persons
  • Last day to sign up: 26.1.2023
  • Cost: Free
  • Guest or members only: members only
  • Who is the organizer: Tuula Meres-Wuori, tel. 0503047649