Garden Living flower workshop 16.03.2020, 18.00 – 19.30

16 February 2020

Join us for an intimate VIP event in Garden Living for a blooming bouquet workshop. Garden Living was started as an answer to the whispers in the market for a service that included all the aspects of gardening and plants. Namely, the landscape design, garden services, living green as an element in interior design in offices and public spaces, and then of course the flowers we love to choose for our favourite vase. Not to forget everything we want in our pots for years to come. The customer promise is: Green makes good.

Garden Living offers you among others annual and perennial plants, shrubs and trees as well as big designer pots. You may find a whole know-how of green industry under the same roof for the customers’ convenience. You get the whole field: flowers, house plants, garden and landscape. The professionals help people, homes and workplaces flourish with the beauty of the plants.