Breakfast - Networking in the digital age - 22.11.2022

26 October 2022

We’re up to a new concept within our beloved Club and that is … [drumrolls …] Creating Community, and you are invited. 

We offer a shared space and time for us to gather around something that you would want to share, or bring something to the table that we all have use of in our life, relationships, career or hobbies.

You will be part of the creation process by simply being your own wonderful self. 

As many of us are working more or less full time, we will make it easy to join by introducing our breakfast meetings between 08.00 - 09.30. 

Our first breakfast meeting’s theme is Networking in the Digital Age

So join us and walk away more enlightened than when you came. 

  • Date and time: Tuesday 22 November at 08.00 - 09.30
  • Location: Kahvila Pala, Kruunuvuorenkatu 9, Katajanokka.
  • Members and their guests are welcome.
  • Minimum number of registrants is 12 people.
  • Price: 29,90€
  • Menu:
    • Coffee/te (cappuccino etc +1,50 €)

    • Blackcurrant smoothie

    • "saaristolais"bread and porkkala skagen

    • muffin

    • Totally vegan, no almonds, soy.

  • Deadline for signup: Friday 18.11 (save your seat here)
  • Organizer and facilitator: Yvonne Westerlund, Let me know if you have any questions, 050 563 4877,

NB Late cancellations and no shows will be invoiced by the club.