Brahma Kumaris Meditation 20.11.2020, 17.00 - 19.00

23 October 2020

Have quality time with yourself. Explore yourself a peaceful being, with inner-power and inner-love. Come to learn the Brahma Kumaris meditation and re-awake with a wonderful state of mind.

The Brahma Kumaris are a spiritual movement that originated in Hyderabad Sindh, during the 1930s. The organisation is affiliated with the United Nations and is known for the prominent role that women play in the movement. It teaches a form of meditation that focuses on identity as souls. The aim of the Brahma Kumaris meditation is also to learn to hold meditative states while being engaged in everyday life. 

In this event your health and safety distance have been well considered. The event is divided into 2 groups: 5 participants for 17:00-18:00, and 5 participants for 18:00-19:00. Please register to your preferred time slot. You will sit on sofa/couch for your comfort and also during the meditation. 


Brahma Kumaris Finland meditation center, Bulevardi 9 A, 00120 Helsinki

free of charge 
Maximum capacity: 10 participants
Last day to sign up: 12.11.2020

Members only